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Alliance information: Independent Operators Consortium

Independent Operators Consortium
Short name:
Start date:
2012-02-25 04:29:00
Alliance website:
Alliance creator:
 Kregan Gadhar
Creator corporation:
 Helion Production Labs
Executor corporation:
 Nova Holdings Inc.
Just as the name suggests, we are looking for corporations that are self sustaining to join in with us. IOC is currently a WH alliance. The alliance has mature individuals that are willing to work together, got each others back and show respect to all members. It is also lead by people who are veterans to the game, experience in leading, and show transparency in what is planned for the future. IOC has direction in where it wants to go as an alliance with short, mid, and long term goals. IOC is looking for active groups that have a desire to help be a part of something at the beginning that will be something great. I know there are like minded corporations out there like us and it all boils down to groups like us banding together. Will you join us?
IOC Alliance Goals
- Drive activity in the EU and US TZs for our Coalition.
- Create the infrastructure necessary to have one of New Eden's best black ops fleets
- Create an environment in wh friendly to newer players. We have a place for you in fleet!
- FUN! We will provide the organization to create group content for our members.
How Your Corporation Fits In
- Do you PVP? Bomber/Recon/Black Ops pilots are needed in our BLOPS fleet. Skirmishers can have unlimited access to low sec.

- Alliance level mineral/PI purchase program.
We will never ...
- Treat any part of our alliance as second rate citizens.
- Let our members flail around lost and bored
Executor - Kregan Gadhar
VP of EU TZ - chbm
Corporation accepted: