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Alliance information: Night Raven Alliance

Night Raven Alliance
Short name:
Start date:
2014-01-08 03:01:17
Alliance website:
Alliance creator:
 Jenna Night-Raven
Creator corporation:
 Night Raven Holdings
Executor corporation:
 Night Raven Dark Force
.---. .----------- N
/ \ __ / ------ R
/ / \( )/ ----- A
--- ' \/ ` ---
-- / - : : ---
- / / /` '--
- -..\\
The Night Raven Alliance is comprised of peaceful profiteers and thrill seeking capsuleers looking for a good time.
We are NRDS (Not Red Dont Shoot) in Providence and CVA friendly.
We are NBMS (Not Blue May Shoot) in other nullsec regions.
Members of the Night Raven in general are roleplayers at heart, and play the game for the game. Piracy, scamming, bashing, and purely disrespectful behavior isn't part of the Raven's code and is not tolerated.
If you are interested in joining the ranks of the Night Raven, feel free to view the Night Raven's individual and specialized corps to find what you are best at. You will be interviewed by top directors in the alliance. Once accepted, you may move around any of Night Raven's corps without needing to re-interview.
For more information on the Night-Raven, you may view the forums in the details or EVE-Mail any CEO.
Whether you are looking at us because you see us in local, or interested in joining, we wish you, peaceful and hostile entity alike, best of fortune in your endeavors.
Contact Elisk Skyforge if your corp is interested in joining our alliance, especially if you are an industrial corp.
Corporation accepted: