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Alliance information: Paragons Of Virtue

Paragons Of Virtue
Short name:
Start date:
2014-12-24 02:06:40
Alliance website:
Alliance creator:
Creator corporation:
 Virtues Corporation
Executor corporation:
 Virtues Holding Corp
Are you looking for a neighbor? Won't you be....won't you be...our neighbor?
Paragons Of Virtue
Join Eve Channel PovPub Or POV DIPLO
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POV offers free websites to member corps. Speak with Orabi Deninard.
TeamSpeak 3
Capsuleers of sound morals and intent have a home in Paragons Of Virtue
We are an NRDS [ Not Red Dont Shoot ]alliance residing in Providence and defending her borders.
Mission Statement:
Paragons Of Virtue is a democratic alliance designed to lesson negative influence upon individual players. To be a safe haven for new corps and players to learn the game and not be seperated from their ISK, dignity or morality. Corporation members of POV pay no fees, dues or charges of any kind. This is a free alliance with an emphasis on having fun while playing EVE in a strong, tight-knit community. Because YOU pay for YOUR subscription, this alliance only requires its members to have a damn good time.
We fully adhere and enforce the NRDS rules of Providence. Any corporation applying to join POV will be required to follow anti-piracy laws, as a representative of Providence and her culture.
Director: Orabi Deninard
Founder: ragman1
Snuggles McGilicutti (Head Diplomat) <-- Mail him first!
Vastion Kreeof (UK)
RailZilla (EU)
Phoenix Bones (US West)
Corporation accepted: