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Corporation information: Infinitely Stoned Fabrications

Infinitely Stoned Fabrications Loading
 Shameless Shamus
 Pator Tech
Ebodold X - Moon 17 - Kaalakiota Corporation Research Center
Tax rate:
3 %
Corporation website:
About Us
ISF is a bit of an everything corp. We mine and manufacture, we PvE, PvP, explore and exploit. We do a little bit of everything depending on what members want to do on any given day :)
We are composed primarily of veteran players but are extremely newbro friendly and have successfully launched EvE careers for hundreds of new pilots through the years. Many have gone on to lead entire 0.0 fleets of miners and PvPers!
Our goals are simple... enjoy EvE in multiple aspects while having a good time and making good ISKies in the process. We work together as a team while also supporting each members individual wants and desires. Anything the corp can do together to help out each other in EvE, we do.
Primary goals for 2017 will be continuing to build our corp and alliance to take on even larger adventures in low and null sec. Pilots of any skill are encouraged to join our chat channel PTX Fleet to learn more about our corporation and what we do.
Blue Friendly
Many ISF assets, including our citadels and POCOs, provide reduced tax rates to our allies. Some of our citadels will only be available to allies.
If you'd like to enjoy reduced tax rates and greater access to ISF assets, please contact Shameless Shamus to arrange mutual +5 status for your corp or alliance.
We Buy Materials!
If you have materials to sell and want a reliable source of income, we pay the median Jita buy price for all materials. Visit our calculators online at: