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Corporation information: Stellanova Engineering

Stellanova Engineering Loading
 Hitomi Stellanova
Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
Tax rate:
10 %
Corporation website:
Welcome to Stellanova Engineering!
*NOTE: For business inquiries/proposals, EVE-Mail Hitomi Stellanova!*
What we do:
Stellanova Engineering is a strictly industrial corporation! We harvest our own resources, assemble them into tradeable goods, and transport our goods to market. Our determination to be completely self-sufficient allows us a level of flexibility in pricing that is beneficial for both the industrialist and the consumer!
Stellanova Engineering was created with the player in mind; meaning we have a 7.5% tax rate, as well as corporate buy and sell programs covering everything from ships to ore! We are also happy to provide Orca and Rorqual mining boosts for our more ore-savvy recruits!
Stellanova Engineering will always be deeply rooted in Caldari Hi-Sec space; however, we have stations in Null Sec, and we run ops in WH space!
Interested in joining?
Stellanova Engineering is actively seeking hard-working, profit oriented industrialists, miners, and haulers.
♫ New to EVE? No problem! We prefer newer players, as their entusiasm and curiousity is at its peak, and those are the driving forces behind the formation of this corporation! We will be happy to show you the ropes and help get you on your feet; but don't expect us to hand out freebies! We grind for what we earn, and we expect new players to adopt that mentality! We are under the firm belief that a well-oiled machine can produce the highest profits eve has ever seen; and we are going to be that entity.
♫ Not an industrialist? Send Hitomi Stellanova an e-mail explaining what career path you have chosen! We do, on occasion, allow in non-industrialist pilots who possess exceptional skills that benefit our corporation.
♫ More than one account? We will happily accept in your other accounts, with stipulations: The alt must be actively skilling, or already fully skilled for it's purpose. We do not allow AFK alt's, or infrequently used alt's. Recurring bonuses do not constitute "active skilling."
♫ Need something unique? Don't let the start date fool you! The CEO is an astrophysics student, doing research on Supernova Remnants (N63A currently!) and teaching the Astronomy labs on campus! You can expect numbers to be tracked, spreadsheets for builds to be provided, abusable price gaps to be called out, etc. All spreadsheets hand-crafted by a scholarship holding astrophysics student! You can also expect to learn (or debate/discuss) a thing or two about space and physics!
Need a builder?
Stellanova Engineering will happily handle any large scale building operations you may have! From frigates to citadels, we are here to help you build your dreams! Need a devoted build team to cover your glorious war losses? We have you covered! Need a steady supply of ships for your corporation's Ship Replacement Program? We do that too!
Contact the CEO ( Hitomi Stellanova ) for further details! Website available soon!
NOTE: There is a lower limit on order size! All orders must have a finished net worth of AT LEAST: $ 100 , 000 , 000 . 00 ISK !!!