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Corporation information: Acolytes of Night

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 Katara Ravenheart
Ashi VI - Moon 5 - Khanid Transport Storage
Tax rate:
10 %
Corporation website:
"But what is this 'night' you speak of? You sound... well, you sound too dark and twisted for me." she had said. How strange is was, to remember the bygone days when she didn't understand. When she didn't know what the night was. So wonderful to remember that moment where She... that wondrous woman... had reached out a hand to the viewport, as if gathering the riches of space into it. "Look out and you will see it. An entire galaxy, and it is almost all made of darkness and night. That is where we belong. That is what we belong to. We are it's Acolytes." She had turned to look me in the eyes, and I felt giddyness. A promise of a future I couldn't even fathom. When she reached out a hand to ask if I would walk with her into the night... how could I say no?
Who are the Acolytes of Night?
We are for the most part an industry corporation operating in high security Kingdom space. We roam elsewhere too, but our current home is within the Kingdom. We have pilots of all kinds, from the most industrious miners, researchers and manufacturers to the dangerous and hardhitting combat pilots who deals with any threats to our space.
What are we seeking?
- Miners for highsec mining, but needs to be willing to train for nullsec mining.
- Combat pilots for ratting/PvP activities.
- Science/Manufacturing for research, invention and production. (R&D agent access is a plus.)