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Alliance information: The CodeX Alliance

The CodeX Alliance
Short name:
Start date:
2011-01-16 21:59:00
Alliance website:
Alliance creator:
 Codex Executor
Creator corporation:
 Codex Executor Corporation
Executor corporation:
 The Codex Alliance Flagship Corporation
The CodeX Alliance is based primarily in high security empire space, with some operations beyond. As we prefer neutrality, we have no intentions of setting up Sovoreignty in null security space, and we don't participate in Faction Warfare conflicts.
The Codex Alliance Flagship Corporation is literally the flagship corporation for The CodeX Alliance, which acts as a mediator between all member corporations of the alliance, and all external corporations and alliances. Contact the Executor for all diplomatic concerns and negotiations, Non-Aggression Pacts (as detailed below) and business inquiries.
The Codex Alliance does not accept random corporate applicants into the alliance. All corporations will be considered after an invite from an Official Alliance Liaison, or you may message our Executor or Liaison Officers for consideration so that your corporation isn't completely overlooked.
The CodeX Alliance is a democracy, where the direction of the alliance is decided by the current member corporations. The CEO for each member corporation will have one vote on behalf of their corporation, on any matters concerning the entirety of our alliance that go to vote.
We encourage and honor diplomatic agreements for Non-Aggression Pacts (NAP's) or blue status, with the CodeX Alliance. We will not pay any amount of isk for an NAP agreement. If you have a Pact with our alliance, no aggressions should be instigated by our alliance to your corporation or alliance, and we expect the same in return. Contact the Executor immediately if any incidents are to the contrary. If any conficts can not be resolved between our Executor and your CEO, the NAP will be declared null and void.
We are formed of mostly explorers, mission runners, miners, industrialists, researchers, traders. salvagers, smugglers and combatants. This in itself tends to attract unwanted war declarations and we have developed a passive response system. In lamens terms, we adapted a "denial of kills" policy, where the war aggressor wastes their isk on an alliance that knows how to avoid conflict.
Our "War Declaration Policies" as it currently stands.
In the matter of declaring a war, the CodeX Alliance will not initiate any war declaration without 100% approval between all the currently active CEO's of our member corporations. To date we have not initiated an alliance-wide war.
In the matter of war ransoms, the Codex Alliance has not and will not ever pay a war ransom. Have fun paying Concord, we won't pay your war bill for you.

Our "Rules of Engagement" as it currently stands.
In the matter of High Sec 0.5-1.0 space, we have adopted a NRDS (Not Red Don't Shoot) policy. *
In the matter of Low Sec 0.1-0.4 space, we have adopted a NBSI (Not Blue Shoot It) policy. **
In the matter of Null Sec 0.0 space, we have adopted a NBSI (Not Blue Shoot It) policy. **
In the matter of Wormhole 0.0 space, including the shattered wormhole systems and Thera, we have adopted a NBSI (Not Blue Shoot It) policy. **
In the Providence region, we adopted a NRDS policy.
* We have put into effect an aggression exception rule. If any corporations have befallen our orange list through previous aggressions, they are exempt from NRDS policies.
** We do not encourage initiating combat in these regions of space, however, we cannot ask our pilots not to initiate combat themselves, unless you have an NAP (Non-Aggression Pact) with our alliance.
These policies have been put into effect after an alliance wide vote, and will be enforced until a new vote shifts our views as an alliance.
Please contact Codex Executor if you have any questions, comments or concerns.
Credit goes to Ron Jester for the initial design and redesign of our alliance logo.

Corporation accepted: