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Alliance information: The Dark Nation

The Dark Nation
Short name:
Start date:
2011-01-19 07:20:00
Alliance website:
Alliance creator:
 Mela Lapse
Creator corporation:
 Brotherhood of Bogans
Executor corporation:
 Brotherhood of Bogans
The commercial video starts with showing a view from space, in high orbit of a moon. It's planet and the star in the distance give the whole picture a tranquil feeling - only to be interrupted by a light blue ray from unknown origin above the view right down to the moon, continuing to etch carvings into its surface. The camera zooms back and the outlines of the towers observation room the camera is in become apparent.
From the left ElizaB enters the picture in a formal dress and continues to walk with the camera staying a bit ahead of her.
"Hello and welcome to our alliance" she says with a satisfied and reassuring smile. In the back, the transparent display on the window becomes active and shows the animated alliance logo as she walks by.
"There are several key elements you will find in this alliance.
The first one is stability. Decisions are made on a respectful manner between its members and plans are made considering long term effects."
She approaches and stops at a lift at the side, its doors slide open and she enters it, with the camera following her. The narrow window in the back give a glimpse of a wide array of industrial structures. The ride starts upwards.
"The second one is co-operation. We know how to help each other and give support, with a dedicated network for communication in place and ready for use."
The lift stops and the camera leaves it backwards after the doors opened. Sounds of small machinery can be heard and foreshadow the wide laboratory ElizaB starts to walk through.
"As a further component, there's diversity. New Eden is a vast space and our members are placed around several regions. If you don't feel like having your whole corporation as part of it, there will be plenty of opportunities to join one of the existing. The Dark Nation is always happy to expand."
She and the camera stop as a Gallente man in a decent uniform approaches her.
"Ma'am, our scouts found a group of unregistered pilots in a system two hole jumps away. Your Wolf is prepared and the bookmarks ready for download."
With a nod she dismisses the man and puts up a sinister smile.
"Of course, there is also the component of protection. After all - this is New Eden and we capsuleers have a responsibility.
If you'll excuse me now. See you out there!"
She walks out of view past the camera which slowly starts to pan to the left and go past the lab desks approaching one of the reinforced windows.
Several texts run across the screen below:
Alliance Name: The Dark Nation - Ticker: DNA
Public Channel: Dark Nation Public
Alliance Contact: ElizaB
Diplomat: panterus29
Reaching the window, a switch shows the outside Caldari tower complex. A Wolf and and a Vagabond rush past and enter warp shortly after.
With a fade to black and another full-scale animation of the alliance logo, the video ends.
Corporation accepted: