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Alliance information: Otas Federation

Otas Federation
Short name:
Start date:
2011-03-13 10:01:00
Alliance website:
Alliance creator:
 Star Freeze
Creator corporation:
 Otas Inc.
Executor corporation:
 Otas Inc.
Otas Federation was created to benefit like-minded Corps in mutual protection and to expand our active member contacts for mutual manufacturing, trading and pvp roaming activities and more fun for our active members.
One of the most important aspects of this Alliance is that the executors believe in NOT being involved in regional politics with endless wars, drama and bullshit associated with other Alliances. We exist entirely for the benifit of our Corp members. No one else.
We also adhere to the premise that all Corps in The Otas Federation are free to persue their own course in matters that pertain to them. All agreements between Alliance members are between them and HOPEFULLY conducted in a mature fashion. The Executor will not get envolved in petty squables unless the following rules are broken.
Otas Federation will try and actively enforce a NO pirate, high-sec ganking, Ninja, trade scammer and can flipper policy. If evidence of such actions come to light the offending corp will be removed from said Alliance.
The Otas Federation will always promote a fun, healthy atmosphere to pursue our mutual goals of increasing our capital and financial influence
in our particular regions.
In the event of a wardeck The executor will ask if those non agressive corps with POS's want to be removed from the Alliance before hostilities ensue to protect their asset's. Those that stay will be required to provide for our mutual defence. The most capable, experianced FC's among us will be put in charge of the fleet(s) and the CEO's of the Corp's involved will meet in vent to discuss strategies, fleet ships and fit's...etc.
Without a valid defence our Alliance means nothing. None of us want to be steamrolled by an aggressive corp/alliance. It is to all of our best interests to motivate our members in time of war to protect our assets and our rights to pursue our goals in New Eden.
Any aggressive war that we pursue has to be an 100% vote from all Corp members. Any corp can vote no and the proposed wardeck will be dead on arrival. Normally We will NOT be an aggressor in any war, as our Alliance is Defensive in nature.
Diplomats :
Corporation accepted: