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Alliance information: Grand Stellar Alliance

Grand Stellar Alliance
Short name:
Start date:
2011-03-15 00:14:00
Alliance website:
Alliance creator:
 Leader one
Creator corporation:
 Grand Stellar Alliance Central Command
Executor corporation:
 Grand Stellar Alliance Central Command
The motto of the Grand Stellar Alliance is “We Stand Together.” The Grand Stellar Alliance believes in ans stands for unity and mutual love of Science fiction, M.M.O. (Massive Multiplayer Online) Role playing and appreciation of other cultures and points of view. We, as enthusiasts of Science Fiction and speculative fiction understand that we are NOT alone in the universe. The Drake equation is sound solid and indisputible in it's formulae. We believe in the strongest terms that beyond our solar system exists a galactic community of sovereign self aware species bonded together in mutual trust for mutual benefit.
We further understand that the Earth is a divided world and humankind is a divided and warlike species. We are divided by religion, by nationalism, by regionalism and by tribalism. These divisions limit us, damage us and make us unfit for any risk of first contact. As we are not yet fit as a species for actual first contact we must console ourselves with simulated contact and interstellar travel in our minds and in online simulation. To this end we play and enjoy E.V.E. Online, Second Life, Star Trek Online, and World of Warcraft.
In E.V.E. Online The Grand Stellar Alliance is a genuine kinship of many players united for one goal. We are a gathering of many corporations operating under one banner. We are dedicated to individual profit as well as co-operative benefit. We function in high security space mining the belts and working in a spirit of all players for each player and each player for all players. This environment of mutual profit and protection is not without cost. That cost comes in the form of each player contributing one day of labor to the benefit of the Grand Stellar Alliance The Alliance advises you to NOT lose ships in provoking war. If a player outside of the alliance makes a war declaration against an Alliance member the Alliance will replace the destroyed ship. If your ship is destroyed because the member of the alliance provoked fighting, we cannot replace the lost ship. Best advice to Alliance members. Do not start problems, and there won't be problems.
The Central Command governs two bodies: The Galatic Engineers and the Galactic Defense Force, and we'll welcome any and all potential members to join
Corporation accepted: