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Alliance information: The Ditanian Alliance

The Ditanian Alliance
Short name:
Start date:
2011-04-03 00:34:00
Alliance website:
Alliance creator:
Creator corporation:
 River-Rats in space
Executor corporation:
 River-Rats in space
For Diplomatic issues, please join TDA-Diplo
River Rats and the rest of the TDA. family are assisting our blue friends at the moment, Like EvE and the proud members of provi-block, TDA. is not dieing and will be back to it's normal operations after we've assisted our friends, please feel free to contact bcs1 with any questions regarding TDA.

The Ditanian Alliance - TDA.
The alliance is NRDS in all areas of space without regard to Sovereignty or sec status, the Member corps of TDA. are autonomous, the Alliance leadership does NOT dictate (for the most part) how you run your corp, nor do we dictate who you have in your corp unless it is deemed to be detrimental to the Alliance as a whole, we only ask that simple common sense rules of courtesy be used and that as a representative of the Alliance you and your corp members conduct yourselves in an appropriate manner, however, we must insist on a single point without exception; that while representing this alliance you follow the rules listed at: in any region.
Outside of that, our mission is the same as our founding corp, to have fun playing the game and hopefully make some new friends along the way.
We do not tolerate scammers, liars, or thieves and while we do not particularly care for PvP, we are not above hunting down those who hurt our friends, aggress neuts or blues in our space, or those who betray us and killing them when we find them... repeatedly.
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