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Alliance information: Templis CALSF

Templis CALSF
Short name:
Start date:
2012-02-24 21:13:00
Alliance website:
Alliance creator:
 Kat VonHeise
Creator corporation:
 Clandestine Enterprises
Executor corporation:
 Caldari Colonial Defense Ministry
Founded in February 2012. We are the longest running Caldari Faction Warfare Alliance around. Our primary focuses are pvp and developing the team.
Our Alliance is New Corporation and New Pilot Friendly. Residing in Low-Sec we are a 100% combat focused team. Having a lot of fun bringing the fight to the Gallente!
The stronger our corporations, the stronger the alliance is, so we make sure you are supported.
What we offer:
* CalMil TS3.
* Alliance Freight Hauling.
* New Bro training corporation and free ships.
* Camaraderie.
* Daily Fleets.
* Citadel Network
* Best FC's in Militia.
* FREE Logistics Ships on Templis Fleets.
* Templis Logi Training (We have the best in CalMil)
* Coalition Co-Founders and Members
* Free ships for system defense or siege
We are highly organized and active. Real life remains a priority. Mature and drama free. What you will always get is support from the teams within to help grow and develop your corporation.
Templis CALSF Youtube channel:
Templis CALSF Alliance WHQ:
Alliance Ranking:
Article on Crossing Zebras about Templis:
We love to PVP and have fun! New Pilots and Corporations Join "CCDM Chan" or reach out to Safoi in game.
Corporation accepted: