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Alliance information: Illusion of Solitude

Illusion of Solitude
Short name:
Start date:
2012-08-09 14:53:00
Alliance website:
Alliance creator:
 Oreamnos Amric
Creator corporation:
 Z3R0 Return Mining Inc.
Executor corporation:
 Illusion of Solitude.
Anoikis Cluster – Wormhole Space
The last untamed frontier of EVE Online.
Two thirds the size of New Eden's nullsec space, but only five dedicated percent of players call those trackless star systems beyond the control of all empires their home.
Out there, what you build is truly yours. A place with no security status, no jumpgates, no sovereignty and no infrastructure beyond that which you set up yourself. An environment where your environment changes every day as wormholes collapse and new ones appear. An environment where you yourself can dictate the emergence of new pathways as you risk collapsing wormholes to find new routes through the cluster.
There, industrial pilots can find the richest ores and rarest gases. Those looking for PVE will find the most challenging NPCs the game has to offer outside of Incursion Sites – Sleeper Drones as rich in loot as they are dangerous to fight. If you seek the thrill of PVP, you will have the opportunity to enter the highest school of small-gang engagements. An arena with no local channel where death can come out of nowhere just as you can strike from hiding at your opponents before they even realise you were there, and nobody can cyno in a fleet of friends.
We are a well established Alliance of experienced Wormhole dwellers and those who are still learning. We are looking for independent corporations who would like to move to wormhole space or already live in a wormhole but want to expand their possibilities.
We are a close-knit group of men and women with a mature and positive attitude, eager to welcome others of a similar mindset.
Join us and realize your dreams in the last free region of space that EVE has to offer
Alliance Contact: Oreamnos Amric
Joint Recruitment Channel: IOS Recruitment
Corporation accepted: