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Alliance information: Forge Ascendant

Forge Ascendant
Short name:
Start date:
2012-12-30 09:36:25
Alliance website:
Alliance creator:
 Rona Matsuda
Creator corporation:
 Matsuda Laboratories
Executor corporation:
 Matsuda Laboratories
We are the remnants of your forgotten empire and we will not be denied Driven from our ancestral home, we are the survivors of a once great empire who refused to lay down and die in the graves our enemies dug for us. Forge Ascendant is the last hope of a lost people; we are an empire reborn.
Forge Ascendant is a balanced alliance and all members are expected to contribute. We are set up to build a friendly community that does more than just sit in belts and mine. The goal of the alliance is to build a strong empire consisting of industry, trade and with the strength to defend what we have from those who would take arms against us. Forge Ascendant is an empire, an empire that will grow and become profitable, an empire that will look after its members. whether they be individuals or kingdom states.
Those wishing the join the alliance must first ask themselves if their eyes are truly open the truth : This is not WOW, high sec is not safe, there is no evil and you must fight for what is yours. We have risen, we are forge ascendant. Those who want to mission and mine in happy pony land need not apply. Those looking for a different view of EVE, contact bruce of Extrema Remedia.
Corporation accepted: