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Alliance information: Blackwater Separatists

Blackwater Separatists
Short name:
Start date:
2013-01-30 22:37:37
Alliance website:
Alliance creator:
 Moony Blue
Creator corporation:
 Blackwater Separatists Holding
Executor corporation:
 Blackwater Separatists Holding
Blackwater Separatists is Corps held together by friendship and cooperation. We believe that everyone has a right to make an honest profit.
We are seeking All diplomats any time zone.
Please contact me directly for diplomatic matters, or alternatively join our diplomatic channel, Black-Diplo
We also offer diplomatic discussions on our TeamSpeak Server: Password: Diplo
if you want u can join our Recruiting Channel BlackW PUB
The Alliance maintenance fees are due on the 1st of each month, and this amount is set based on your corporations area of operation.

This is what we ask:
1. No current wars on your corporation upon application
2. Must be an active corporation
3. All CEOs must do a background check on new recruits
4. Indy/Mining corp members need to have PI skills, and structure PI for Alliance needs as well as anchoring
5. Consider your Alliance when making purchases. Keep the ISK within the Alliance where possible.
6. Communicate. If you have concerns or suggestions please share them with the alliance management so they can be considered and addressed
7. If we get in to a war you must ship up and do your duty
8. if a CEO or CO-CEO, join the Alliance Fee Mailing List for key alliance information
This is what we offer:
1. Mining ops
3. TS3 Sever
4. Limited ship replacement program
5. Alliance manufacturing for most goods
6. Rorqual Boost for Low or Null Mining ops
Looking for:
* PvP corps
* Mining corps
* Wormhole corps
Corporation accepted: