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Corporation information: Blue Frog Freight

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After more than 5 years of service Blue Frog's time has come to a close. The reason that Blue Frog Freight was originally created was to move single high value items throughout Hisec. Something we actually do very little of nowadays and something that our sister corp Black Frog Logistics can do much better.
It is our hope that our existing services Red Frog Freight and Black Frog Logistics will be able to meet all of your shipping needs going forward.
Black Frog Logistics currently accepts contracts requiring up to 25 billion collateral with a maximum contract volume of 320k m3 and will accept Hisec to Hisec couriers as well as contracts to/from Lowsec and much of Nullsec. Generally speaking, when shipping a high collateral contract with Black Frog you will find that while short routes are a bit more expensive than you may be used to, most longer routes are actually cheaper.
Join channel Black Frog for more information - Black Frog Logistics Trip Calculator
While Red Frog Freight will only accept contracts requiring up to 1 billion collateral, if you are shipping multiple items it has always been MUCH cheaper to split them into multiple contracts and use Red Frog Freight. This also reduces the risk to our pilots and increases the likelihood that your goods will arrive safely at their destination.
Join channel RF Freight for more information – Red Frog Trip Calculator
To our customers we would like to say thank you for your patronage over the years and hope that we can continue to meet your needs with our other offerings in the future.