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Corporation information: Sore Losing Unbelievably Tyrannical Soldiers

Sore Losing Unbelievably Tyrannical Soldiers Loading
 Steve -MrSexyPants- Ransom
Gelhan V - Moon 1 - DED Assembly Plant
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5 %
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We are Sore Losing Unbelievably Tyrannical Soldiers...
Soooo..Here is our history and our plan....
We started off as a small multipurpose Corp then we joined an alliance that got thrown into a siege war they could not win because the alliance was so heavily infiltrated by the enemy that they knew our every move and plan. So long story short we lost all sov and began guerilla tactics from outside the region we used to live in. Top it all off most of my Corp members quit because I refused to abandon the alliance in their most desperate hour. I fought the good fight…
It was only after learning how truly entrenched the spy network was within the alliance, and the fear that the enemy would try to infiltrate my Corp to get even deeper that I decided enough was enough. There was no way possible to recruit new members under those circumstances.
Now....I am rebuilding and restructuring SLUTS. We WILL have an epic PVP corp this time! Although that war is long over this is Eve and new wars are always on the horizon. There are new systems to conquer and plenty of pilots to spank and gank.
I am looking for hardcore active PVPers who fly everything from small gang, and logi, to Cap hotdrops. We welcome great FC's who think outside the proverbial box. We are proud members of SEXY. alliance We use TS3 Alliance comms.
Be blue or be goo.... :)
Oh and one last thing. If you have a main you will be able to join our "sister" corp Somewhat Loving Unbelievably Tyrannical Soldiers but not this one and this is why. This corp will be for Binary Named toons. It can be your main or an alt but ot must have a binary name like my toon 01110011 01100101 01111000
Why you ask? Cause as an FC i hate lazy FC's that don't broadcast targets. Imagine local filling up with nothing but binary names. Try calling that bitch!
Mail 01110011 01100101 01111000 for more info and toon guidelines. or join channel SEXY Diplo