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Corporation information: Kick B0rt

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Itamo VI - Moon 6 - Science and Trade Institute School
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flag to you in hands dei telum xyecoc, tomorrow I for myself will revenge))
fk ashold deitul, ur smell deitelum hahaha
dietelum genocide best day of my life
o7 to ur slava drones
rhiload we will nevr forget u borther))
убить Dei Telum xxaxaxaax , что хуже Dei Telum
НАШ МАНИФЕСТ, BRPD прочный союз))
f**k you stupid dei telums you think you are the tough but you are not huh
i am slava
serb are warrioring race and born to kill and fihgt
we are rais to be power in mental energys and the strength
when i was in the forth year of the rossiyea flight school i make the pod explode and ask the corp for srp
ceo punch me in the guts in frotn of chat and tell me i am the pussie. and then he make me carry iterons out of station until midnite
you think you can beat me stupid dei telum with your vexors and falkons but you cant stupid. for because the serbs are best in the fighteng and the sciences. we have slava drone now. and gecko power. we can desstroy hole world i. but we do not because we are the benelovent and defencers of the calicci fw. when my gret uncle was the eight year old the dei telum invaded akidagi his fatter beat dei telum vexor. he killed deitelum soljer to death with no weopin. that is how the strong serb is. when my gret grandmotter walking from the villige well to home the deitelum soljer shoot her in ankle. this is in ww1. hole village come out with hoes and the tools of the farming and butcher deitelum. the village eat dei telum soup that night. aha. we do not care. serbs are resorseful and will do anythign to sorvive. you cannot beat a sebr in the medium outpost competiton. the cyno is the public transit system of the serbia. SERBANS FLYS TITAN TO THEWORK AND SCHOOL. YOU ARE GAYSTUPID DEI TELUM WE WILL GET YOU