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Corporation information: Transcendent Innovations Incorporated

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Namaili VII - Moon 2 - Carthum Conglomerate Warehouse
Tax rate:
Corporation website:
--- Transcendent Innovations Incorporated ---
Diplomat: Teoshen
Recruiters: Karazi Akuzai, Teoshen
Public Channel: ChattersBox
We are an easy going corporation focused member interaction. We mine, run missions, buy, sell, and explore -- all with the goal of sustaining ourselves and venturing into dangerous territory. We are friendly to new players, with events, instruction, and guidance available.
Whether you are a seasoned veteran or the new kid on the block, we have a place for you. Bring your love of EVE and desire to be part of a team; we will supply the activities and good people to fly with.
Other corporations and/or alliances, if you would like to participate in our events or just be friends, please send our diplomat an eve-mail.

Quick info about TII:
-Member interaction is our first priority
-We are primarily North American time zones
-“Real life before the game” attitude and approach
-We focus on quality of membership over quantity
-We make ISK with the goal of doing fun things with it (like getting blown up)
-New players welcome

We offer:
-Corp TeamSpeak server
-An amazing, close-knit group of people to fly with
-Lots and lots of fun and laughs
-Training and opportunities to experience a wide variety of activies

Applicants must:
-Be willing to work as part of a team
-Join our public channel and get to know us
-Have a paid EVE account (No trial accounts)
-Submit a full API key for review (5 days)
-Have a certain RAMBO quality
Applications from people that have not completed the above steps will be rejected.

Steps for joining TII:
-Join our public channel. Get to know us and let us get to know you
-Attend our open operations; see if you like our style
-When asked, join us on TeamSpeak for an interview
-When requested, submit your API key to Teoshen
-Join TII