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Corporation information: Dynastra Corp

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Venilen IX - Moon 7 - Caldari Navy Testing Facilities
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*Holding Corp, Closed*
DYNCO’s primary foci can be summed up in three subjects:

Foundations, Progression, and End Success

Most are pretty self explanatory, and I’m sure you’re not here to read an entire paragraph about our corporation.

Foundations: We want to take in new players (And old alike) and create a solid foundation as to which they can grow and improve on. This means getting assistance when you need, getting a grasp of our current goals, and becoming a subject matter expert through training and LOADS of questions.

Progression: After getting your feet wet, expanding and skilling into new roles should be a second goal. We want you to be flexible, ready for anything, and most importantly retain the ability to keep an open mind. Eve is a game...which are in turn played for fun right? Progressing up and learning new skills can help fill that up.

End Success: We want to see every member succeed. Hopefully in the future, when our ranks are filled we’ll see a steady progression of all members, from the lower ranks up to leadership positions.

At the current moment, we’re able to offer:
- Structured Trainings
- Supplemental Training in the format of Video, gDoc, et cetra
- New Player Assistance:
- Alpha clone state player options (Currently a pilot program, limited access)
- New to Eve? No problem!
- New to Nullsec? That’s fine as well!
- Null-Sec Access with B0SS Alliance
- PVP, Both small gang (10-30) and larger line battle access
- PVE and access to nullsec sites
- Alliance Logistics Programs such as Ship Replacment, Jump Freighter from Jita to Null
- Wormhole diving! ISK!

If interested, please Evemail robohunterx, or Email us at for more details. Do not submit an application until requested, please.

sareb Akachi
Diplomatic Contact
robohunterx / sareb Akachi / Mikhail Gorbechevv