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Corporation information: The Peerage

The Peerage Loading
 Huang Kai
 Amarr 7th Fleet
Sosala IV - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support
Tax rate:
5 %
Corporation website:
(Public Channel: The Peerage Public )
Recent minor changes in the political scene have seen many of the Amarrian nobility look to take a more active role in the war against the Minmatar Republic and their Gallente allies. Personal political views on reform and the dictates of Empress Jamyl I would need to be put aside, the bolstering of the Amarr Empire must come first.
Many within the aristocracy saw that few of the honorable peers and peeresses within their own privileged ranks would be so moved to directly take up armes and thus pushed for the Peerage allow in numbers of non-titled individuals to aid.
So now, the Peerage looks for both those noble born and those of common background to take up the mantle of war in the aid of the Amarr Empire.
((We are an Amarr Empire supporting Faction Warfare corporation looking for additional members. While backed in an RP based idea, we do not force our members to RP. We only expect them to follow our rules of engagement, holding a honorable and dignified way of fighting.
Right now we are seeking applications from both experienced and new players looking to fight and learn in the FW warzone. Interested pilots are invited to evemail us for more information.))
"I am the harbinger of hope. I am the sword of the righteous. And to all who hear my words, I say this: What you give to this Empire, I shall give back unto you!"
~Empress Jamyl Sarum I, coronation speech