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Corporation information: Royal Bank Of Amarr

Royal Bank Of Amarr Loading
 Lord Crevex
 Good Ship Lollipop
Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy
Tax rate:
90 %
Corporation website:
We Proudly Support CCP's Plex for Good drive. If you have lost money to the corp's traders, know that at least some of it goes to a good cause.
Dear Interestest Parties:
-Due to overwhelming demand we have decided to announce the launch of two new funds. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks!
The Royal Bank of Amarr is a highly successful investment bank operating out of the Domain Region. Currently we are running two separate funds; our primary flagship programs. The Royal Vault and Imperial Investments.
Each program is operated independently, separate from one another, under the umbrella The Royal Bank of Amarr. Each respective fund has it's own manager, and is fully staffed with experienced traders.
-Due to high demand we are currently sold out; Check back in a few weeks for the launch of our third and fourth investment vehicles.
The Royal Vault
Managed by reputable and experienced Aetius Andronicus, the Royal Vault is a conservative hedge fund. The primary goal is to preserve your hard earned savings against the relatively steep inflationary tend. The Royal Vault's main holdings will be in minerals but other commodities will be considered for future additions. The Royal Vault is an excellent investment opportunity for those with decent savings, but lack the time or expertise to properly guard their wealth.
-Sold out!

Imperial Investments
Imperial Investments is an aggressive hedge fund that makes use of various methods of speculation and arbitrage. Offering high rate short term bonds of a speculative grade.
-Currently Close to Public
The Royal Bank of Amarr supports what James 315 and the New Order are trying to accomplish. If we study the Code diligently, and thoroughly enforce it; the Royal Bank of Amarr believe that High-Sec can be transformed into an utopia.