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Corporation information: ComeAtM3Bro

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Askonak IV - Moon 15 - Kaalakiota Corporation Factory
Tax rate:
1 %
Corporation website:
"ComeAtM3Bro" A new corporation bred for one purpose. To have Fun & leave no Bro left behind. My goal is to create a group that leaves behind a lasting impression in the surrounding systems and that could be considered Legendary in the eyes of the eve universe. Every big well known corporation and alliance has started from nearly nothing to Rise and become giants, multi billion isk tycoons controlling vast amounts of space. I want to get there and with your help, you the eve pilot from all 4 corners of the galaxy can help ComeAtM3Bro get there. Shall we rise or will you watch it fall to the ground? Your choice.
If you liked the story you will like my humor.

*All pilots welcome! (Amarr Caldari Gallente Minmatar )**All nations from earth welcome*
*New and Experienced pilot friendly *
*No required experience points*
"I actually encourage new pilots without points to join, Ill help you gain knowledge and power. That will guide you in the direction you wish to go."
*No mic needed. But, if you have one it will make the experience alot more enjoyable #truth because its not just the same old texting on here makes the game experience more fun*

One important thing to note. I dont take the game to seriously just here for the fun of the game. Reality does comes first so whether its work or whatever comes up, I will understand.

Recruitment is open, New pilots struggling to make isk will recieve financial support up to Z 2mil isk Z in your pocket. New eve pilots will also receive a Venture mining frigate, To kick off the mining process it will help you head in the direction you want. Remember its EVE do what ever makes you happy. So in that case lets have a good time, lets go do eve things!

Any other questions that you have contact me " LengendLongmire Longmire " I'm currently pacific time zone, I'll get to your msg asap. depending where you're located on the globe.