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Corporation information: Humble Beginnings Online

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 EVE System
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Humble Beginnings Online is a corporation designed for new players and those who want to improve their game. We are a high sec based corporation whose sole purpose is to bring people together for fun and entertainment. We plan, execute and succeed as a group. We fly together or we die together. Our purpose is to help each other and keep the momentum going.
A little about me the CEO Captain Cameltoe. I have been playing since 2003, my main is Aryu Sirius, I have been through the countless wars in null sec, tried my hand at low sec pirating, did the mining gig and missioned until my head exploded. I have seen the many changes this game has gone through and how it continues to evolve. I have met the CEO of CCP Hilmar Veigar Petursson and attended the Eve Online convention in Iceland. I have literally seen it all in this game and there is very little that surprises me about what can happen or where there game is going. This is my first gig at starting my own corporation and I believe that after all these years I finally can say that I have the experience to lead my own group into the deep reaches of space.
Now let me tell you our expectations at Humble Beginnings Online, we don't care if you lose any ships. What I mean by this is that I expect you to lose ships and I don't care if its a carrier or a dread. I don't expect you to be afraid to take a chance at PVP because the killboard will look bad. As the CEO I'm telling you that I prefer you to try and fail then sit in station.
We expect you to help your fellow pilot when asked. If you are the type of pilot that is suddenly unavailable when a corp member is need of a rescue or decides that it is not worth the risk then you are not welcome at this corp. We are looking for corp members that are willing to put themselves at risk if it means helping their buddy out. A lot of respect is earned just by being helpful.
We expect that you are social on comms. If your the type that comes online and doesn't talk to anyone then your playing the wrong game. Its called a massive online role playing game not a massive single player game. Get to know your neighbor, you might need him/her when it counts.