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Corporation information: Timekeepers

Timekeepers Loading
 Ciera Altail
 Requiem Eternal
Hek VII - Tribal Liberation Force Logistic Support
Tax rate:
5 %
Corporation website:
Nullsec fun corp, part of the Requiem Eternal alliance, Legacy coallition.
We're a bunch of friendly players out to have fun in Eve and outside (we chat on corp Discord out of game, and sometimes play other games together too). We're mostly, although not exclusively, European timezones.
Ingame our activities are split between personal, corp and alliance/coallition. The alliance/coallition offers fleet PvP opportunities on a frequent basis, as a corp we'll do whatever people fancy at the time, be it PvP or PvE, and individually our space in Null offers us opportunities to do almost anything we like, from ratting for isk, Rorqual-boosted mining, exploration, industry, alliance logistics/hauling or PvP. Other than a responsibility towards our alliance and coallition to defend our space, we provide a place to be what we want to be, both individually and as a group, as long as we're good to each other and have fun.
Some of us are very long-term players (chars dating back to 2003) having lived in HS, LS, NS and Wormholes, and we're particularly interested in seeing players expand their horizons beyond high-sec living and discovering the opportunities the rest of Eve offers, show them the ropes and support them as a group.
If this sounds like something you'd like to be part of, come speak to us in our Timekeepers public channel, and apply to join.
This is our corporation. There are others like it, but this one is ours.