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Corporation information: HoaxSale

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 Hoax Master
 Holesale Operations
Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy
Tax rate:
10 %
Corporation website:
Comrade Bhaalgorn n friends n wild adventures in wh space, mkay?
You wanna make contracts with us, esé?
Damn you are lucky!
HOAXSALE is at your service!
Whenever Holesale Operations offical Diplos are not online please contact [HOAX.]
For Contracts and Diplomacy contact: Hoax Master and Frederick Firecock
Provi and CVA Friendly
PLEX for 850mill (Item Exchange) Totally Legit. Be quick before someone else makes the dank isk!
Strict recruitment policies:
- Elite Pvp'ers
- Online at least 4 hours per day
- You need to be space rich
- Only Trump supporters
- Only Hillary supporters
- Swastikas are a must
>Live in the Free-Liberal Feminist Zone 8153XU41 of Los Angeles
>passing by Equality Enforcement Brigade checkpoint to get to work
>forgot to take my estrogen pill and insert estrogen-laced anal privilege reminder in the morning
>know I'll set off privilege checker
>missed work two times this month because of this
>don't want to lose my job so I risk it
>finally get to the front of the queue
>scanner lets out alarm
>"RAPE RAPE RAPE" it blurts out repeatedly in a loud non-offensive feminine voice
>hijab wearing racialfluid transspecies muscular midget womyn steps in front of me
>"You are in violation of the Diversity Decree of 2015, by God-Emperor Obama submit to mandatory state-
sponsored privilege checking!" she shouts.
>Know what's about to happen
>womyn takes another step towards me and tries to grab me
>hear what sounds like a gunshot
>suddenly her head explodes in a shower of gore
>this can't be happening
>guns were outlawed by Obama after the First Invasion of Texas
>her fellow womyn look around confused
>hear the gallop of a horse coming closer to me
>hear more gunshots
>each shot takes down an Equality Enforcer
>turn my head to finally see my savior
>Christopher Dorner riding valiantly upon a white steed
>"but, but, but they killed you" I say still shaken from the encounter
>"You can't corner the Dorner" he replies
We sell hoaxes and ~hoax accessories~