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Corporation information: Capital Class Collection and Commerce

Capital Class Collection and Commerce Loading
 Merchant Ataru
Hati V - Moon 1 - Ducia Foundry Mineral Reserve
Tax rate:
5 %
Corporation website:

Capital Class Enterprises strives to participate in effective and coordinated mining and industry to support the goals of allied causes across New Eden. Our position is to pool maximum efforts into the production of capital & subcap hulls, as well as their equipment, parts, and mods.
We're expanding into P.O.S/Citadel contruction and maintenance, and building the required infrastructure to meet the demands of their respective fuels/sub structures.

(In the future, Super-Carrier & Titan class vessels if everything continues as planned.)
The corporation has implemented many benefits, seeing that it yields large profit margins and as a result -- There is no reason why the ISK should not be in the wallets of those who've rightfully earned it. Whether they acquire these resources be through mining, trade, production, exploration, etc.
Synergy is one of our biggest contributers to the collection and production efforts, as a result... Maintaining a friendly & civilized atmosphere is a mandatory requirement. Some will come and some may go; however, if they like us we may have a new ally... Luckily, we understand that good allies can over time become even greater business partners.
We are currently based out of (-0.1) space and below and are willing to help those who may be inexperienced in Nullsec get their footing whilst also earning a respectable amount of ISK for themselves in the process. Unlike most corporations which will limit you to a flat rate indefinitely, Capital Class allows it's membership to acquire bonuses to payout rates and of course with enough senority and trust, the ability to openly finance approved projects and loans.

Best regards,
Have fun and fly safe.