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Corporation information: The Big O.

The Big O. Loading
 Jedrik Fedaiken
 Brothers of Tangra
Amsen VI - Moon 1 - Science and Trade Institute School
Tax rate:
15 %
Corporation website:
Want to live out in Null Sec? Want to mine huge rocks? Want to explore the galaxy?
Want to meet your neighbours and, possibly, kill them?
We may have what you want.
We offer many benefits, directly:
: High quality moon mining
: Exceptional Rorqual mining
: High Quality ratting for anything from a cruiser to a Carrier
: An exceptional Industrial backing ranging from T1 frigates all the way up to Titans either in corp or
: Well developed logistical network
: Regular roams for those with a PvP bent.
: A highly developed PvP scene ranging from small gangs to supercap warfare with our Sister Corp
: The ability to keep your industry and PvP toons in the right place, and seperate.
: we are a corp who believes real life comes first. We like talking shit, we liking taking the piss,
but we also like each other. If we did not, we would not still be flying together. We offer you a family in Eve.
It is up to you to decide whether to join that family.
With what we offer however, we also have demands.
: At least one Omega account, this is non negotiable.
: Omega account MUST BE 1 year or older
: Like most Null Sec Corps we demand a certain amount of background information, in other words an API key that
fills our requirements. Access to this API key will NOT compromise your account. It will simply allow us access to
certain information.
: Turning up for home defense, ships can and will be supplied, and there is an SRP programme.
Most importantly, we demand you come talk to us, so both us and you can make the decision about whether you
want to join our family in Eve....
If you're interested come and join us in The Big O. Lounge
Or alternatively contact one of our recruiters:
EU TZ Gar Ddhen
US TZ Jedrik Fedaiken, Sakubi Anzomi, n4t3, war wolf8